Eco Living

‘Experience conscious living in an eco-friendly, sustainable environment’

The Pantglas Centre is set in 6 acres of wooded and meadowed organic land, completely off-grid with almost all of its energy needs provided by Nature. The 2,500 trees on Pantglas make for a truly oxygen rich ecology, absorbing some 20 tons of carbon each year, significantly reducing the already small carbon footprint of the Centre. Living in harmony with the local traditional farming community Pantglas has an integrated hydro/solar power system and sustainably sourced wood-powered heating. The water at Pantglas is provided by its own natural spring-water well which not only tastes delicious but is also great for showering in!

Hydro-electric power at Pantglas

Pantglas is fortunate enough to have a robust mountain stream running through it with a 50 foot drop which allows for a small hand built turbine to produce a consistent flow of electricity for use at the Centre.

Solar power at Pantglas

Contrary to popular belief, we were surprised by how much annual sunshine we enjoy here in the Cambrian Mountains! The array of photo-voltaic solar panels at Pantglas is perfectly placed to take full advantage of all those lovely photons. With the latest charge control technology each panel seeks out the optimum available light even on a cloudy day.  The power produced by this integrated hydro/solar system is then stored in a bank of ex-submarine batteries! From here it is processed by an inverter for domestic use at the Centre.

Wood Power at Pantglas

Sustainably sourced timber plays an important role at the Centre creating heat through a modern, 78% efficient eco-stove system (more efficient than most gas boilers!). The system produces hot water which is stored in a 750 litre eco-accumulation tank. This super-insulated storage tank acts as the heart of the system pumping hot water on demand to both the central heating radiators and to the bathrooms and kitchens.

All timber is sustainably sourced within a 10 mile radius of Pantglas. Local diseased trees and  standing deadwood also contribute to the Pantglas log store. Over time the sensitive and considered management of some 2,500 trees on Pantglas will play an important role. Timber when burned on an efficient and modern stove system produces what is known as a neutral carbon footprint generating the same CO2 emissions as if the tree had fallen and died naturally on the forest floor.


Our 60’x 35′ polytunnel provides the optimum growing environment when living 1,000 feet up a mountain! The raised beds filled with rich organic soil and lovingly tended allow us to grow our own vegetables, salads and herbs ready to pick and pluck for your platter!


We take recycling and composting at Pantglas seriously and recycling bins are available on site to be used during your stay. In fact approximately 80% of Pantglas is built from recycled and/or reclaimed materials!

The eco-footprint of Pantglas is small despite its size and the facilities it offers. Living off-grid can bring many challenges yet and Lynnie as guardian of Pantglas, with Arjuna’s help remains committed to the ecology of the Centre and its relationship to the surrounding countryside.

‘It can be a humbling and inspiring feeling to know that each time you flick a switch you are connecting with the sacred power of Nature’