Private Sessions

‘What is worn out, broken, torn, powerless, disturbed, crushed or destroyed – consider that a place of a new beginning’
The Yoga of Vasishtha


After a number of years teaching yoga Arjuna expanded his therapeutic training and began working individually with people using massage, body work, inversion therapy, meditation and remedial yoga therapy to address a wide range of problems with which people presented.  Arjuna is a highly skilled integrative therapist and ran a successful practice in Dorset for many years for people with a wide range of problems such as sleeplessness, back-ache, frozen shoulders, migraines, and neurological disorders. Arjuna’s work, integrative bodywork, includes assisting people living with cancer.

Arjuna is committed to working together with the individual, to discover creative , effective and appropriate responses to the person’s circumstances and condition, directing the person back to his or her individual autonomy and strength.  He uses massage techniques to restore the body to wholeness based on a model of the body as an energetic, dynamic phenomenon that is in a constant state of change, always seeking homestasis and balance.  All Arjuna’s work is a non-invasive method of assisting this process.

Duration of private sessions: Allow one and a half hours.

Residential/Intensive Therapy

    At the Pantglas Centre there is the possibility for those who require treatment/private sessions to come and stay for a number of days, enabling more intensive and integrative work to be explored. There is a comfortable, self-contained cottage available for the duration of your stay which can be used on a self catering basis or with meals provided if preferred. A friend or family member would be welcome if you would like to bring someone with you.

While at the Centre one is free to enjoy all that Pantglas has to offer. Please contact Arjuna to discuss your stay.

Cost of residential/intensive therapy: Please contact us for details on 01570 493794 or email

‘Happiness and suffering, the pleasant or the unpleasant, whatever comes, receive it with respect and never feel defeated in your heart’
The Mahabharata Shanti Parva