The Studio

‘Sometimes, a place has its own tangible energy – this studio is such a place’

It is rare to find a studio that combines an experience of both space and atmosphere while at the same time providing practical and functional usage. Originally a barn the studio now offers a versatile, clean and up to date hall measuring 50’x26’ with a beautiful reclaimed wooden floor and a glass fronted log burning eco-stove. With cloakroom and dining facilities interconnected with the studio Pantglas offers an ideal centre for courses, classes and gathering of all shapes and sizes, from Yoga retreats to literary workshops.

The studio at Pantglas is triple-aspected providing amazing natural light. From the two large picture windows one is aware of the light changing all the time while above, the skylights reveal the swaying leaves of the majestic beech trees outside. At night-time the natural light gives way to an eco friendly, multi-layered lighting system consisting of 32 LED fittings. This allows for varied levels of light and effect, from full bright light to a warm ambient glow, and all using the equivalent of only two 60 watt light bulbs! From the picture window in the studio you can experience in a single day the sun gradually filling the valley below with light and warmth, the late afternoon rays bathing the studio’s natural stone wall in a golden glow, and the awe-inspiring setting sun on the western horizon.

‘A space for reflection, connection, restoration and return’