Local Community Yoga Classes

‘Come and experience your weekly yoga in the peaceful, secluded yet accessible location which is Pantglas’

Surrounded by majestic beech trees our studio is a clean, open yet intimate space allowing for the development of one’s own practice.

For daytime classes the studio is a light filled space offering panoramic views across the valley – perfect for your yoga class experience. In the evening the studio becomes a warm, quiet and inviting space with a large glass-fronted log burning stove – perfect for your yoga focus at the end of the day.

Weekly classes at Pantglas include our Traditional Yoga Class, a Ladies Only Class, a Yoga for Seniors Class and a Mountain Man Class as well as one-to-one yoga sessions. Arjuna also offers a weekly Traditional Yoga Class in Llanafan Village Hall.  To join any of these classes or for further information please Contact Us.

Traditional Yoga Class: With Arjuna – Wednesday 7.30 – 9.00pm.

Traditional Yoga offers a balance between strength and flexibility. During this weekly class participants will experience an introduction to the full spectrum of Yoga including meditation. All are welcome.

Ladies Only Class: With Lynnie – Thursday mornings 10.30 – 12.00 noon.

A gentle yet effective class for ladies. Each session begins with preliminary stretches, includes a gentle warm up, some deeper stretches involved in the yoga asana (poses) and finishes with a period of deep relaxation. Stretching and strengthening, unwinding and renewing.

Yoga for Seniors Class:  With Lynnie – Thursdays 5.15 – 6.15pm

A class designed specifically for those who would like to experience yoga but who feel that a full class may be a little too much.  Gentle stretches, much work chair-based with mild strengthening and a period of deep relaxation.

Traditional Yoga Class – Llanafan

Arjuna offers a weekly class in the Village Hall at Llanafan from 7.30 to 9.00pm on Thursday evenings.  A balance between flexibility and strengthening,  Arjuna offers an introduction to the full spectrum of Yoga.

Mountain Man Class: With Arjuna – Sunday mornings 11.00 – 12.15pm

Mountain life makes particular demands on the body. Working on an incline puts stress on our backs and knees and operating heavy machinery and lifting puts strong muscles under tension causing pain. Arjuna’s classes will look at restoring flexibility to muscles as well as maintaining strength and joint mobility.

One-to-One Yoga Sessions: Offered by both Lynnie and Arjuna.

One-to-one yoga sessions are private classes which can be tailored to your own personal requirements including a suitable time for yourself. They may have a remedial focus or the emphasis can be on learning and deepening a particular aspect of yoga/meditation. These sessions are particularly suited for the development of your own home yoga practice.

‘Balance is inate. We do not create it – we are born with it. It emerges in the upright body’
Swami Ambikananda