Teacher Profiles

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Since his early twenties Arjuna has been making the yoga journey. His study deepened after meeting Swami Ambikananda, founder of the Traditional Yoga Association (www.traditionalyoga.org). In 1999 he qualified as a Yoga Teacher for the TYA and has become one of its senior tutors running successful courses in Dorset as well as teaching busy and popular Yoga classes both private and public throughout Dorset and Wiltshire. He is also a member of REPS (Register of Exercise Professionals). His focus has been on the therapeutic application of Yoga for the body and mind. Arjuna encourages the integration of personality and the lived life through Yoga and allied traditions. Since 2009 Arjuna has been co- founder and coordinator of The Pantglas Centre, Wales.


As a busy piano teacher and mother, Lynnie fell in love with Yoga immediately when she attended her first Yoga class in 2002. Her teacher was Arjuna and with his encouragement she trained as a yoga instructor in 2007 teaching popular classes, both public and private in Somerset for several years before becoming co-founder and joint coordinator of the The Pantglas Centre with Arjuna.



Together, the deep connection between Arjuna and Lynnie permeates Pantglas. While each makes an autonomous spiritual journey they give each other support and strength, providing a foundation from which each can offer their own teaching and experience.

‘The light of the Self can be found only within and nowhere else – it is in each living being in exactly the same measure’
The Mahabharata Shanti Parva