Traditional Yoga Association Courses

‘Alone with our practice we discover ourselves – together in our study we discover our oneness’

As a senior tutor of the Traditional Yoga Association ( Arjuna is licensed to teach the TYA’s Foundation Course, the TYA’s Yoga Teachers Course, and the TYA’s Meditation Course. All these are certified courses:

The Yoga Foundation Course

Deepen your practice of Yoga with this course.

As one of the oldest philosophies of the human family, Yoga is an ancient quest for each of us to find our place in this vast universe: to discover our uniqueness and yet our oneness. This six-day Foundation Course invites you to:

  • Develop all aspects of your personal Yoga practice. The course will include ALL aspects of Yoga including asana, meditation, history of Yoga, sacred texts and developing your personal practice.
  • This is also the first step in becoming a Yoga Teacher with the TYA (see Teacher Training Course).

Yoga is about so much more than a perfect posture. The Foundation Course explores all the facets of Yoga : posture (asana) as a journey rather than as a final goal and meditation as a means to our own self-discovery.  Participants will uncover the exciting history and philosophy of Yoga that stretches back over 5000 years. This course will present the history of Yoga in a way that gives meaning to the lives we are living today. Meditation will be taught as it was traditionally, alongside asana (posture) and pranayama (breathwork).

For further information about the Yoga Foundation course, please contact Arjuna on 01570 493794

‘Learn how to use the techniques of this ancient system to make a modern journey of self-discovery.’

Teacher Training Course

Pantglas brings to Wales the reputable Traditional Yoga Teacher Training Course.

The TYA has been training teachers in England since 1996. This course is one of the most highly regarded Yoga Teacher Training Courses in the country. It prides itself on offering high standards of training not only in all aspects of Yoga and teaching methods, but also in anatomy and physiology. This means that students embarking on new and exciting careers as Yoga Teachers can do so with confidence.

‘We all have had teachers who inspired us. The TYA believes that such teachers have themselves been taught well!’

The TYA Teacher Training Course has now become an apprenticeship course. This means that students will not only work very closely with their Tutor, Arjuna, but also gain direct teaching experience throughout the course. The Apprenticeship Programme also allows students to set their own pace for learning and completing the course.

The TYA became a Registered Charity in 2002 (Registered Charity No. 1091469). We also run the MUKTI Project which raises funds for the education and care of over 100 street children in India.
To gain a place on the TYA Yoga Teachers Course you will first have to have completed the TYA Foundation Course.

For further information about this course, please contact Arjuna on 01570 493794

Meditation Courses

Arjuna in both his public classes and one-to-one work encounters the illnesses that a modern life-style can lead to such as high blood pressure, depression and stress. He is committed to meditation as a means to overcoming these and living a life more integrated with ones’ ideals.

The Basic Meditation Course

The course is ideal for beginners who have never tried meditation before and for those who are new to meditation and want to learn more about it. This is a six week course of two and a half hours a week (in the evenings).

Students will learn meditation techniques from three traditions:
Buddhism (vipassana)
Yoga (mantra and ishta devata)
Christian Mystics (the use of imagery)

Students will also learn how to adapt these techniques for our time and how to apply them for those without any religious affiliation.

Course notes are provided with each session in order that participants can continue their study in their own time.

The Teachers Meditation Course

The Basic Meditation Course has to be completed before students can do the Teachers Meditation Course.

This course will go deeper into the techniques that have been covered on the Basic Course. The course will also cover teaching methods and participants will learn the physiology of meditation and become familiar with modern research.

For further information about these courses please contact Arjuna on 01570 493794

‘Let us accept with deep gratitude the gift, the grace that makes us willing to stop and sit and remain in awareness…’
Swami Ambikananda